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David Henty

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David Henty

The Master Copyist.

With more than 25 years’ experience replicating great works of art, David Henty is one of the leading copyist artists worldwide. David Henty’s history as a copyist artist starts, appropriately enough, with a conviction for forgery in the mid-1990s. It was while serving the resulting prison sentence that David was inspired to start painting by a rekindled passion for art. He was quickly seduced by the technicality of copying and, having honed his craft over 25 years, he is now considered one of the leading copyist painters worldwide. Having mastered the techniques and idiosyncrasies of some of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries’ most iconic artists, from Amedeo Modigliani to Pablo Picasso.

Each piece involves rigorous preparation through David’s immersive research process: studying the original painting, developing an understanding of how the artist worked and, wherever possible, sourcing materials true to the period David explains that his paintings are a very different discipline to producing original artwork, and it is no mean feat – copying is notoriously difficult. But he relishes the technical challenge of mastering an artist’s style. It is only once he has an affinity with an artist, once he has ‘connected’ with them, that he will attempt to emulate their style. This means that David’s preparation for a painting begins before his brush even touches canvas. David Henty’s copies may not have the history and provenance of the original works of art, but each comes with its own unique narrative as a ‘David Henty’ painting.

Recent press attention from the likes of The Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express and high-profile appearances on Sky News and BBC Radio 4 just to mention a few, confirm a mounting interest in David Henty’s artwork and a renewed appreciation for the skill involved in the creation of his impeccable copies.

Clients sometimes question the purchase of replica artwork, our answer is simple… To be able to appreciate the paintings that are now out of circulation or of highest value to purchase, perhaps even unattainable.  Not only are copyist paintings collected by a large audience of art lovers, they are also used worldwide by interior designers, film and program producers and in some cases to replace original works so they can be stored away in secured vaults. Forging is an art in itself and requires almost more skills than the old masters themselves. To be able to recreate an exact replica of something that was painted over 100 years’ ago is a talent and is becoming more popular and gaining a higher demand. Forging dates back to early 20th century and beyond, where world famous art restorer and forger, Tom Keating held the household name.

Now David takes pride in being classed as one of the worlds greatest art forgers of the 21st century, his works are gaining value in their own rights and collected all over the world.

David Henty