Ed Cheesman

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Ed Cheesman

"The perfect result of form and function"

Ed’s Cameralamps are constructed from vintage cameras mounted on period tripods and use the latest powerful LED technology.

The camera bodies Ed uses are recycled from old non-functioning models. Each camera is stripped of its outer plastic casing and completely deconstructed down to its many hundreds of components. These are then stripped of their protective coatings and polished down to the base steel, aluminium, brass and glass using a diamond tipped cutter.

Each piece is unique and great time and care is taken to ensure that they work both as beautiful sculptural objects as well as functioning lamps.

The reversal of function, with the Cameralamps now emitting rather than capturing light, adds an extra dimension in which you can appreciate the complex beauty of the original objects inner workings in a new light.

With the extendable tripods used, Ed’s lamps transform from desk lamp to floor standing in a matter of seconds.

Ed Cheesman