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Geoffrey Key

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Geoffrey Key

One of the most important living painters. Geoffrey Key’s work reveals confidence, dedication, purpose and sincerity. More exciting than Braque and placing Picasso in time perspective, he conveys a classical quality with no question of imitation. A modern-day great, to a degree untapped.


Geoffrey Key was born in Manchester, England, in 1941. His early education was at Manchester’s High School of Art. In 1958 he commenced a degree and post graduate studies at the Manchester Regional College of Art, from where he gained the National Diploma of Design and the Diploma of Associateship of Manchester; the latter with distinction, leading to a postgraduate scholarship in sculpture. His academic awards include the Heywood medal in Fine Art and the Guthrie Bond Travelling Scholarship.

His work has been and is exhibited  widely and features in important public, corporate and private art throughout the world.

Key’s signature style might evoke echoes of cubism but it is entirely his own product, a combination of his fascination with sculpture, vernacular forms and the sights and people of his native Salford. Year on year, his work continues to grow in popularity, and as his subject matter embraces both the region’s industrial past and its burgeoning cosmopolitan atmosphere, his work is now arguably influencing the face of northern contemporary art itself and is one of the foremost living artists. Northern collectors have long prized his work, but Key’s oils are now to be found in international collections from Geneva to Beijing and have recently set record auction prices for northern painting.

Geoffrey Key