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One of the most exciting artists on today's urban pop art scene.

Within just a few years, Bedfordshire born English artist Lhouette has taken the art world by storm, with his distinctive style and vibrant use of colour. His creativity is inspired by the concept of exploring the striking juxtaposition between old and new, raw and refined. Using forklift pallets and other industrial throw-offs as his canvases, he builds up his artworks step by step, layering beautiful subject matter and lavish finishing techniques.

Lhouette recently completed a sell-out show, ‘Post Urban Glamour’ at 45 Park Lane, part of the exclusive Dorchester Hotel Group collection.

Lhouette’ was born and raised in Luton, Bedfordshire, where he demonstrated early promise in the arts. Despite receiving high praise from his teachers and peer group, he surprised many by joining the Royal Navy on leaving school. Five years and twenty- one countries later, Lhouette returned to the UK, inspired and refreshed by the diverse cultures he had encountered.

Lhouette wasted no time in establishing himself as a creative force to be reckoned with. Within four years he had founded a high street art studio and exhibition space and achieved a post-graduate diploma in the arts from Birkbeck College, whilst simultaneously forging a name for himself on the contemporary art scene as an exceptionally skilled and innovative artist.

Lhouette’’s mixed media artworks are instantly recognisable by their vibrant colours schemes and trademark stripes, layering areas of intense detail through the use of spray paint and stencilling. Despite evident urban influences and references to pop culture, Lhouette’’s style refuses to be defined, continuing to develop and evolve with astonishing momentum.

His sell- out debut solo exhibition and nomination for the Fine Art Trade Guild’s ‘Best Up and Coming Artist’ award in 2014 caused many critics to herald Lhouette as the ‘next Banksy’, recognising his promising investment potential and solidifying his reputation as one of today’’s most innovative artists.

With much of his career yet ahead of him, Lhouette is without a doubt the most exciting figure on today’’s art scene; a young artist whose potential knows no limits.