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Rozanne Bell

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Rozanne Bell

"The UK's Best-selling Originals Artist"

The art is vibrant and is the epitome of fun. Roz is a flamboyant character with a unique creative imagination that knows no bounds. Rozanne has a sunny disposition, full of originality and wit. She has five children and her artwork is embroidered into the heart of her family life.

Born in Zimbabwe, Rozanne developed her artistic career there, painting the colourful flora and fauna of Africa, which she then personalised with her own humorous perspective. She came to Britain in 2002, and whilst her style and subject matter has since expanded greatly, the memories and influence of her native country are reflected in the vibrancy and depth of her paintings. Today her love of the Dorset countryside where she lives, and the coves and harbours of Cornwall have a great influence in her work.

Focusing predominantly on contemporary taste for naive art, Rozanne’s artistic techniques are displayed in each of her paintings, which encompass a complexity and variety of mixed media. The end result is a marvellous depth of colour and texture. Her steady search for new techniques and subject matter ensures that her skills are constantly evolving to produce a wide variety of art all iconically recognisable.

Rozanne has developed in her work a style and a technique which make each and every painting totally unique. Having had no formal art schooling, Rozanne cultivated her natural flair and talent that is so evident in her work.

Rozanne Bell