Stand Down

Richard Salter

Medium: Solid Bronze

Edition size: 9 + 1AP

Size: 11″ (w) x 12″ (d) x 13″ (h)


This was a very exciting project for me, my first sculpture. It started with me wondering if it was possible to bring photorealism into sculpture and I had always had the urge of bringing one of my still life paintings in 3D form.  To me “Stand Down” has two sides; the seriousness of losing a comrade or a soldier finishing his time and then there’s the thought of the sculpture coming to life and causing mischief as a comical character … typical of a soldier with idle thumbs.  You may notice the left boot sits higher than the right, this is because I have a short left leg so have specially made boots.

The sculpture started its life as three separate wax sculptures, two boots and the helmet created from the helmet and boots I wore whilst on Operation Herrick 17 in Afghanistan. The foundry then cast each object in solid bronze, the boots positioned and welded together before the helmet is assigned its tilted angle and welded to the boots.  The foundry then have me check the accuracy of the sculpture before adding the patina. I then finish each sculpture by hand adding any required highlights, signing the boots with my signature bullet and assemble the brass dog tags.

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