Alastair Barford

Alastair Barford

Commissioned to paint the Queen at just 28 years old, Alastair has the art world at his feet. Huge investment potential.

Alastair Barford studied Fine art at University College Falmouth. Since graduating in 2011 he has received several awards and Bursaries for his work including, The Wilhelmina Barnes Graham Travel to Italy Bursary, The Midas award and the Richard Ford Award.

In 2012 he received funding from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship trust to study portrait drawing and painting In Florence, Italy at the renowned atelier of artist Charles H Cecil. In 2013 he received the Leverhulme study abroad studentship enabling him to extend his studies for a further two years.

In June 2015 Barford was commissioned by the Illustrated London News to Paint Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This was his first portrait commission.

We are extremely fortunate that Alastair has since re-located to Salisbury and we have formed a relationship with him that allows us to represent him and his work. Alastair is currently working as an assistant with the highly-acclaimed Nick Beer at Sarum Studio in the Cathedral Close.

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