Andrei Protsouk

Commission Andrei to create that special piece for you.

  • Originals
  • Mixed Media
  • Price on application.

Be it a painting for your home or office.

You choose the size, shape and colourway. A Subject that has some special connection to you, your partner, your family or company.

The centre piece for your home or office.

Commissioning Andrei allows you to choose the subject matter and dimensions of a piece.

It is a highly personal process and all of us at Gallery 21 will help to guide you along.

Having managed many commissions for our clients, we regard ourselves as experts in commissioning artwork which is a unique and fun way of purchasing art.

The process allows you to become fully engaged with the design and development of a bespoke piece of artwork.

It is possible to commission almost any artist from Gallery 21 to create something specifically to fit your criteria and budget.

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