Andrei Protsouk

Stonehenge Mystery - In Stock

  • Limited Edition
  • Hand Embellished Limited Edition Print
  • 113 x 98 cms
  • £895.00 (inc VAT)

Our first Exclusive Hand Embellished Canvas Limited Edition: limited to only 21 pieces worldwide.

“My first time visit to Stonehenge made a huge impression on me. Standing in front of what could probably be in my opinion, one of the first great human art installations.
As an artist I quickly began to create a few sketches while observing the impressively staged monoliths.
These sketches became the basis for the painting ‘Stonehenge Mystery’.
The outcome and idea of my painting comes from a human instinct to love and create. The final result showing one of the greatest human feelings of all – LOVE.
Just a simple first date with a loved one…. a beautiful beginning of creation in human history” – Andrei Protsouk

Only available from Gallery 21
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Complete with framing as shown and *FREE UK delivery for orders received during the current UK lockdown period.

Framed Size: 113 x 98 cm
Canvas Size: 91 x 76 cm

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