Birim Aksuyek

Birim Aksuyek

“Birim’s love of horses led to him becoming a vet and during his studies he continued to paint.”.

He says, ‘As I learnt the muscular, organ and bone structure of horses in our anatomy classes, I regularly drew sketches. This provided me with a great opportunity to have a sound foundation for my paintings. I spent most of my childhood surrounded by horses. The horses my family owned were a very important starting point in my painting career, and I have spent many of my days since drawing them. I have observed their joys, affections and passions very closely.’

After graduating he entered into an internship in Normandy, France in 1980.
He has held approximately forty-five personal art exhibitions, both nationally and internationally; and attended around fifteen art fairs. He has also received various awards and honourable mentions in competitive exhibitions.

He also worked for the Turkish Jockey Club for seventeen years as a field veterinary surgeon. This period was of primary importance for him to analyse the lives of horses and to better understand their psychology and social lives. Many of the drawings from this period in his life form the foundations of his paintings. He has since been closely involved in setting up many Jockey clubs and is a member of a number of artists’ watercolour societies.

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