Colin Brown

Colin Brown


From 12th April (after lockdown), Gallery 21 will showcase Colin’s latest collection titled ‘Impressions of Salisbury’. A stunning set of original paintings, sketches and limited edition prints.

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Colin’s unique fluid style makes him one of our most exciting, affordable and investible artists on the contemporary art scene today.

His ability and industriousness have made his name and reputation on the international graphic illustration scene, where he has produced work for Hasbro, illustrating Transformer packaging, Corgi Toys, Mattel, Barbie, Saga, Cuprinol, Kraft, Burtons Biscuits, St Ivel, Castrol Marine and The Guinness Book of Records.

Colin recently took the leap to become a full-time career artist when, after many years producing photo-realist work, Colin had an epiphany that his future lay in Impressionism and cityscapes in particular.

Colin began to teach art to classes where he found the need to create work with much more freedom than he had previously been used to. He would take the sketches and beginnings of works back to his studio and finish them in the same style as they were started. It was a revelation.

Colin realised that the feel of the work translated to his favourite subject matter, the hustle and bustle of towns and cities much better than when constrained by photo realist detail.

Colin and his wife have and continue to travel extensively and he gathers his inspiration from his many jaunts around the world.

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