Florence Jago

Florence Jago

Gallery 21 are proud to embrace the new works from one of our latest artists and introduce to you to the:-

“I’ve always been hugely influenced by my grandparents. My grandfather has painted all of his life and is an established artist in Devon and my grandma has always lived by the philosophy of ‘Dance like nobody’s watching & who cares what they think’.

I’ve constantly strived to carry my family’s artistic flair but it wasn’t until I reached my 30’s that I found my own style; fine line and female empowerment.

Spending most of my adult life attacking and criticising my body, when i became a mother in 2018, my body changed and with that so did my appreciation for my new curves, including my cesarean scar and stretch marks. At the age of 32 I wanted to celebrate my new fuller figure, rather than tear it apart, after all it had carried and created life!

As women, it’s easy to fall for the damaging expectation of what we’re ‘meant to look like’. The reality is most of us have and hide our lumps, bumps, scars and stretch marks.

I want us to celebrate them in all their glory and lift each other up in a world that encourages women to do the opposite.

My paintings celebrate our differences while normalising our imperfections, so let’s celebrate our bodies and be proud to be in ‘The Curvy Girl Club’ because we are all fabulous” – Florence Jago

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