If you enjoy this artists’ work, be sure to join us for the ‘EVOKE’ exhibition – Meet The Artist Inuka.

Thurs 6th October 6.30pm – 8.30 pm
Reserve your invitation call: 07787 549 455

‘EVOKE’ is a joint exhibition by Hue Folk & Inuka.

During three years travelling the world Inuka found a passion for photography and collecting the essence of every country she explored. The essence is often hidden in the small details and she found herself obsessively documenting the rich textures, patterns and colours throughout her trip.

Originally planning her route based on what animals she could encounter along the way she quickly found her focus and built up an inspiring collection of photos that fuelled her desire to create. Capturing beauty in the contrast of the urban decay in the slums of India against the beautiful silks, artwork and geometry woven throughout, she came home and found herself falling in love with the perfectly imperfect urban street art in her home city of London… and so she picked up a can of Montana gold and began to master the art of aerosol.

Inuka means ‘to evoke’ in Swahili which sets intention for this upcoming artists collection. Her work features vibrant colour and bold geometric patterns, marbled and precious metal gild detailing with a thick resin finish to boost the colour and give it that extra shine.

Inuka is exploring a range of mediums incorporating fabrics, stencilling, photography and acrylics reflecting the rich diversity of art she still passionately seeks and captures with her camera.

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