Jennifer Mosley

Jack & Jill - NOW SOLD

  • Sculpture
  • Mixed Media
  • 21 x 13 cms
  • This item is SOLD

“Jack and Jill” (sometimes “Jack and Gill”, particularly in earlier versions) is a traditional English nursery rhyme. The original rhyme dates back to the 18th century and different numbers of verses were later added, each with variations in the wording. Throughout the 19th century new versions of the story were written featuring different incidents. A number of theories continue to be advanced to explain the rhyme’s historical origin.

Jack and Gill
Went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down
And broke his crown,
And Gill came tumbling after.

Later the spelling was changed to Jill and more verses were added to carry the story further

Wire – frame, mixed media (paper and plaster), rust oxidisation paint finish.

Dome Height: 21cm Diameter: 13cm

A delicate little piece from Jennifer, encased in a quality glass dome.

NB: Due to the intricate and fragile nature of these works, we are unable to ship. Collection from the gallery only.

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