Joe Galindo

Joe Galindo


Galindo’s inaugural exhibition ‘On The Loose’ is now on in the gallery until 23rd July.

Exhibition Details: Open to the public Friday 7th July through to Sunday 23rd July – Gallery 21 Opening Hours: Tues – Sat 10am – 5.30pm, Sundays 11am – 3pm NB: Closed Mondays

What to Expect at The Exhibition:

The show will feature a complete collection of new original paintings and the launch of Joe’s deluxe canvas Studio Editions, each hand embellished with real pigments giving every piece a unique finish, as close to the original as possible.


Since Gallery 21 has represented Joe’s work in the gallery, we are so excited to bring a full solo exhibition of his fast selling artwork. This exhibition will dominate the entire ground floor of Gallery 21 – Salisbury.

Matt Buckley’s Edge Sculptures will also accompany Joe’s exhibition. Displayed throughout the gallery the larger sculptures make for statement pieces in the home and match well with Joe’s paintings.

Joe Galindo was born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire in 1994. He showed talent with a pencil at an early age and years down the line, after university and several 9-5 jobs, he chose to put his ability to use. Painting pets, footballers, musicians and taking requests from social media to fund his endeavours, he then launched his popular abstract landscapes into galleries.

However, at the age of 24, he felt the need for change, put down the brush and spontaneously left his hometown to live in Vietnam. His travels then took him all across Asia before landing in Australia. It was here where he began to paint again, and began selling in Melbourne and Sydney. Always on the look-out for different and interesting art, Galindo was continually inspired by artists he met overseas, alongside the jungles, coastlines and wildlife he encountered on the way. In 2022, after a pit stop in Sri Lanka for one last taste of Asian life, he returned home to rekindle his passion for creation and pursue his purpose in life.

The key to Galindo’s unique style is the inventive ways to apply paint to the canvas. By using different techniques and mediums on top of one another, depth and contrast is created. Powerful contemporary colours are abstractly incorporated with details of wild animals in a loose, energetic style, which combine for an unusual but satisfying end product that demands attention and allows each person to interpret them individually. He attempts to express his own emotion and sentiment in the face of the animals to build a connection with the viewer. Unorthodox tools are used to apply paint including spoons, nails and bits of rubber. Moreover, each single piece of art is irreplicable due to the random nature of propelling paint with a flick of the wrist or a swoosh of the arm.

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