Kimberley Harris

Kimberley Harris

‘Wild Beauty’ Art Exhibition by Kimberley Harris

Exhibition dates: Saturday 13th – 30th November

We are proud to be hosting this exhibition by one of UK’s most sought-after artists; Kimberley Harris. At ease with applying the full spectrum of colour to her work, Kim’s highly desired oil paintings of wildflower meadows are simply breathtaking. The combination of blended skies and highly textured impasto foregrounds adds to the 3D effect of each vista. The tactile nature of her paintings brings them to life – you feel you could reach out and pick the flowers!

We look forward to introducing you to her latest collection and the opportunity to purchase one of her original paintings.

Artist Bio:

One of Kimberleys earliest memories was her father, a great lover of impressionist art, taking her to a JMW Turner exhibition at the Tate Gallery. That was it – she was going to paint like this genius one day and ten years later in 2005, she gained a Diploma in Art and Design.

She re-ignited her passion for painting in 2014 after meeting a renowned artist who introduced her to oils and the palette knife.

Says Kimberley:
I quickly developed my own signature style, focusing on the natural beauty of the countryside that I am so lucky to be surrounded by. With an emphasis on colour and light and how one affects the other at different times of the day, Turners artistic inspiration is never far from my thoughts. The process of layering and blending the palette knife work to obtain the right tone, texture and light is so important to me.

To date, Kimberley has sold paintings all over the UK with several finding their way to the USA and Australia.

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