‘These stunning works are truly remarkable and appear to change form and colour, especially when placed where natural sunlight can cascade over them, even a well placed lamp or spotlight has an amazing effect.
The photographs do not do these justice and they simply need to be seen in person to truly appreciate their wonder’ – Gallery 21

Based here in Wiltshire, Lea Stubberfield has been working in Mosaic and Stained Glass for over 15 years. Initially studying textiles and surface pattern, Lea fell in love with the mosaic technique and process after attending workshops whilst living in Cyprus.

Predominantly self taught, she creates and designs bespoke pieces using her own substrates, and has developed her own unique style. Inspired by the sea and its mystery, lea captivates its beauty in her work.

Her art emulates the whale form, transforming and evolving with added mythical angelic tones and mermaid elements.

“Watching programs such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, and scrolling through reels on Instagram, has really drawn my attention to oceanic creatures and in particularly Whales. They are quite mysterious and I find quite mesmerising.

I wanted to find a way to create something amazing in mosaic that I haven’t seen before. I now think I have found that way and turned my creations into something truly special.

I am hugely drawn-in and have an enormous sense of being at peace by the sea, beach, watching waves and feel so inspired by the colours, light, reflections.” – Lea

Lea does accept commissions from our clients and is happy to accommodate your requests.
As Lea’s commissions can be requested for indoor or outdoor use. This makes a huge difference in designing a piece that is sustainable, perpetual, and weatherproof for an outdoor space.

​If you have an idea in mind, an approximate size and colour-way, then Gallery 21 can help you start the process with the artist in fulfilling your dream piece.

Lea also works with local councils, businesses, and individuals to help them restore historic mosaic art and sculptures renewing their beauty and keeping their stories alive for future generations to appreciate.

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