Marc Bodie

Marc Bodie

Marc Bodie works in bronze as well as cast concrete to create busts and full figure studies of immense physical presence. His bronze piece ‘Cloud’ was featured in a Channel 4 docu-drama, together with works by Elisabeth Frink and Henry Moore, and he has sculptures in various private and corporate collections.


“The first inspiration for wanting to make figurative sculpture was as a child having watched the wonderful Ray Harryhausen films, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, etc. The stop motion animation of figures of myth and legend was a captivating feast for any young imaginative child. When my father said that they were made from models, that was it. I was straight to drawing and plasticine model making, I was full on.

Then I discovered artists and sculptors whose theme of choice was the figure. From Michelangelo through to Rodin onto Germine Richier and Elisabeth Frink and all in between and after (I’m still discovering). I am not only influenced by all these great sculptors but also by the forces of nature, eg clouds, plants, sea, landscape etc. As well as books; fact and fiction, poetry, plays and films etc. I express all these influences through my use of the male figure”, Marc Bodie


“My work is concerned with the disenfranchised and dispossessed in society. People, who perhaps through no fault of there own, have become marginalised. It is a fact that many young men in prison have learning difficulties such as dyslexia. If a child does not have engaged parents who are able to support their child or if the school is unable to help, that child repeatedly fails and this erosion of self esteem can lead to the need to be validated by those with different standards. As a teenager, that person can turn to gangs, to crime, to a society where he is no longer an outsider.

Some heads are cast in reinforced concrete to represent the often decayed and neglected urban environment which engenders feelings of dispossession and alienation. I attempt to express the vulnerable side of my characters, haunted by lost opportunities perhaps, while rendering them broad and oversized in order to denote their strength and status. I have been asked, why the broken noses? I find that this device gives my pieces a narrative. A broken nose can be caused by many things, including violence, but also by accident. In the case of a fight, the aggressor may not be the person you would expect it to be.

The ”Inner Walls” series represents those who have hit an invisible wall; a barrier to emotion, or to opportunity, perhaps.

I do not wish to dictate how to read my characters, they are individuals, as we are”, Marc Bodie

Marc Bodie

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