Marie Louise Wrightson

Marie Louise Wrightson

From Pop Art & Tank Girl to Ice Cream & Candy Floss.

Marie Louise Wrightson BA(HONS), MFA.

Renown Artist Marie Louise Wrightson studied fine art at Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art in Dundee, gaining a BA(hons) & eventually a Master of Fine Art Degree in 2006.

‘This four year period counts as some of the best years of my life, I simply loved being surrounded by so much creativity and new ideas.’

Her final MFA Degree show proved a huge success.

‘I picked up five galleries from my degree show, which started me off as an professional artist, working with gallery’s across the UK. I consider myself to be very blessed to spend my days painting in my wee studio and then sending works paintings all over the country, It’s been a lot of hard work, but I enjoy every minute of it.’

Marie’s painting’s are held in many private collections both nationally & internationally, but can also be found in a good number of public museums and galleries including, St Andrews Museum & the Stirling Smith Museum in Scotland.

Marie Louise was born in Lincolnshire, but as her Father was in the RAF Medical Branch, as children, she and her brother tended to move a lot, every three years in fact, meaning new homes, new schools and new friends.

‘That’s how we ended up in Scotland. We first moved here in 1998, where I went to school in Campbeltown on the west coast on Scotland, with its amazing beaches and landscapes, I started collecting objects off the beach and drawing them, starting my love affair with the seaside which very much continues today.’

Marie began to develop a passion for art through her love of old Children’s picture books. As a child she was captivated by the illustrations of Arthur Rackham, John Tenniel and Kate Greenaway, later on she fell in love with the Pre-Raphaelites, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Ford Madox Brown and Elizabett Siddal. Norman Rockwell is a more recent favourite, with his amazing eye for detail and characterful figures and faces. Marie’s fascination with the wider art world inspired her to undertake a BA in Fine Art, commencing in 2001 followed by her MA again in Fine Art which she completed in 2005.

Marie Louise says of her work: ‘Like many artists, I have long been influenced & inspired by fairy tales, cartoons, comic books, cult films & children’s books.’ This amalgamation of popular culture has resulted in the wide range & eclectic mix of paintings Marie creates.

From the Pulp Fiction, Tank Girl and Batman femme fatales to Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island & The
Wizard of OZ series of works, there is always a surprise in Marie’s works.

Incredible fine detail & eccentric characters are a signature of Marie Louise’s paintings, Alice, in many of Marie Louise’ works takes on the form of a 1950’s rockabilly girl, with bright hair, cheeky tattoos and a sassy smile, giving a new a fresh twist to the Alice in Wonderland books.

Marie paints from her summer house studio, which has become a shrine to the great British seaside; her first love. Collected over many years, numerous seaside novelties make their way into a variety of her paintings, from brightly coloured sticks of rock, seashells & children’s beach toys. Drawn by family from living in Lincolnshire to a life North of The Border, Marie Louise has now lived in Scotland for the past twenty years, her painting is a way of life, a passion that continues to surprise and delight art lovers & collectors alike.

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