Anythings Possible, Harry Potter - #1 Rare NOW SOLD

  • Limited Edition
  • Hand Embellished Limited Edition Print
  • 93.5 x 116.5 cms
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Inspired by the Harry Potter movies, part of the ‘Spellbound’ collection. Artist description below.

This is the #1 copy of 5

Premium Hand Embellished Canvas Edition – Only 5 pieces available worldwide.

Item comes complete with frame.

A work created with a montage of details from the movies, many of which can only be seen when viewing the work in person.

Image Size: 68.5 x 91 cm
Frame Size: 90.5 x 113 cm

Picture details from Mark Davies
The intention for this piece was to create a true visual feast for the fans of Harry Potter and to do something very different to my 2017 ‘Draco Dormiens’ that was all about Hogwarts Castle rather than being dominated by references. I wanted the scene to be vivid and so intense to digest and ultimately fun. My father has a lifelong love of Steam trains so I have been drawn to the magic of the Hogwarts Express for a while now, having it stood there on that now infamous platform was the perfect focal point. Whilst planning the scene around the train and platform I quickly saw an opportunity to work in a similar way to a 2015 classic ‘Storyteller’ piece entitled ‘Dare to Dream’, a surreal take on Roald Dahl’s ‘The BFG’ where all of his magical objects and props are laid out in and around his case. I stuck to that and the end result is incredibly satisfying and personifies how I always love to link earlier pieces regardless of collection or narrative. The vibrancy of the magical details and the stunning Hogwarts Express and the quirkiness of the objects act as such a strong contrast to the darkness that lurks within the shadows of Kings Cross Station. There is so much that is open to interpretation here and so many tiny details, a true game of hide and seek and a piece that fuels the imagination to create something even more magical in your head and to embrace the fact that anything’s possible!

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