NOW SOLD In Pursuit of Gold & Q Division - Rare #AP1 Edition

  • Limited Edition
  • Hand Embellished Limited Edition Print
  • 93.5 x 116.5 cms
  • This item is SOLD

This item is only available when purchased with the matching numbered AP #1 of ‘Q Division’

We believe that by keeping them together as a ‘True Pair’ will only make them more sought after items and increase their value considerably in future years to come.

Price is for both Artist Proofs framed canvas editions £2,295.

Artist Proof #1 of 2 Hand Embellished on Canvas, only 10 pieces worldwide, plus 2 Artist proofs.

Framed size 93.5 x 116.5 cm

ARTIST NARRATIVE: – “The classic James Bond films offer great memories from my childhood, on reflection I started to lose interest in the more recent films as I have always preferred those where they aren’t dominated by over the top special effects. Goldfinger was a particular favourite, it was classy yet had a real sinister undertone to it, the image of the lady dead on the bed covered in gold freaked me out as a kid! Have you spotted her within the scene?! ‘Oddjob’ was another that scared the hell out of me, that bloody hat!

With names like ‘Pussy Galore’ and how my mind works, this piece could have gone in a very different direction but I was determined to create a scene with real class and focus on THE Bond car, the stunning and acclaimed Aston Martin DBS. The presence of the car is more than enough, you can’t mess around with it. The film had so many great locations but my preferred setting was always the stunning Swiss mountains and the Furka Pass that twists and turns through the mountains.

This piece was only ever going to be about the car, surrounded by iconic details to seek out and in front of a beautiful backdrop – it is perfect for you to use your imagination and invent your own narrative as to where Bond is and what is happening. What I feel has worked really well is how the scene has been ‘photobombed’ by some of the native animals that live within the region. Bond could simply be out of shot stood admiring his car or looking out for others and a red stag just happens to walk into shot. That split second makes all of the difference, I love how it interacts with the gold bars on the ground – a nod to my ‘Love Knows No Bounds’ collection.

I absolutely loved reconnecting to this film and this really has fuelled my imagination for future pieces – do you expect me to talk?… Time to dust off the box set for now!” – Mark Davies

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