NOW SOLD 'Q' Division & In Pursuit of Gold - Rare AP #1 Edition -

  • Limited Edition
  • Hand Embellished Limited Edition Print
  • 93.5 x 116.5 cms
  • This item is SOLD

Inspired by the Bond movies featuring Daniel Craig, artist description below.

This item is only available when purchased with the matching numbered AP #1 of ‘In Pursuit of Gold’

We believe that by keeping them together as a ‘True Pair’ will only make them more sought after items and increase their value considerably in future years to come.

Price is for both Artist Proof framed canvas editions £2,295.

PREMIUM HAND EMBELLISHED CANVAS EDITION: Limited to only 10 pieces worldwide plus 2 Artist Proofs.
This is for the pair of Artist proof editions, both #1 of 2, a very rare offering.

Framed size 93.5 x 116.5 cm

NB: When price matching on various sites – as we all do, please note that each of Mark’s editions supplied through Gallery 21 comes complete with our own stunning framing as shown. With wider, deeper mounts and more expensive mouldings than most on offer elsewhere.

ARTIST NARRATIVE: – “This was a piece inspired by my 2016 ‘Back To The Future’ image called ‘OUTATIME’ where it was originally ‘Doc’s’ workshop, so back in the 80’s and after all these years it’s been repurposed and taken over by ‘Q Division’. The main reference being at the back where the wall has been bricked up to hide the tunnel and there’s an orange glow to hint that something’s still going on.

It’s mainly based on the Daniel Craig set of films, being that this is his final year as Bond. You can see him there, ghosted out against the Aston Martin DB10 and just at the back, behind the DB5 you can see his boss ‘M’ and that’s the concept that there are all of these objects laid out before her as she reminisces about their time in service together.

There’s so much detail in the image from much earlier Bond films through to the current day, in the hope that the true Bond fans will absolutely love studying the piece and seeking out the references within it. It’s been great fun to re-engage, especially for me personally growing up with them and all of the quirky gadgets that you’d always love to see what ‘Q’ had come up with for Bond.

There’s so much to spot, obviously it’s all about cars for me but there’s everything. You’ve got the Bond villains through to showcasing the Bond girls, there are some really obscure references that are all put together to give the piece some drama along with some subtle colouring because that was the idea to create an image that was really classy but that had some personality, with a nice concept behind it and one that the Bond fans will really love.”

– Mark Davies

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