Profit & Peace - The Nutcracker, NOW RESERVED

  • Originals
  • Mixed Media
  • 104 x 137 cms
  • This item is SOLD

Original artwork with bespoke framing hand enhanced by the artist.

Collection: Storyteller
Inspired by the classic stories from our childhood
Confronting the powerful and often disturbing undertones set out by the original authors such as the ‘Brothers Grimm’ and Hans Christian Andersen, these are embraced through a surreal visual representation like no other. Pieces are fused with topical messaging and intense detail, combining grit and darkness with beauty and light that creates an intriguing and thought provoking digital statement.

Specification: Gilded ornate frame, canvas heavily embellished
with gilding waxes, gilding paints, coloured micro glitters and
diamond dusted.

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