The Wolf Within, Little Red Riding Hood - NOW SOLD

  • Originals
  • Mixed Media
  • 104 x 137 cms
  • This item is SOLD

This piece is now sold.

Inspired by the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. From the Storyteller Collection.

A rare opportunity to acquire one of David’s original works. Bespoke framed hand enhanced by the artist, with faux fur inlay, canvas heavily embellished with spray paints, acrylic paints, gilding waxes, gilding paints, coloured micro glitters, and diamond dusted.

Framed Size: is 104 x 137 cm

Narrative below:
This is a classic example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Who or what is hiding in the closet and for what reason?
This is a very, very dark piece, akin to my 2015 piece entitled ‘Red Light Spells Danger’ that doesn’t shy away from the brutality of the undertow that runs through the original versions of Little Red Riding Hood and all that inspired the original tale.

This piece is more conceptual, it embraces the concept of dominance, sex and love from the original narratives but in a much more modern fashion. It explores the boundaries, the blurred lines that exist when things can go too far yet those actions are blinded by love.

This scene opens the door to bedroom that represents a couple who have an incredibly toxic, love hate relationship where each battles for control. The more you look, the darker it gets, possibly more confusing which is exactly the mindset of those who hold the pen there. When does confidence become bullying? When does sex become something much more damaging? Who is the real monster here?

Scrawled messages play out their taunts, spitting fire with every word. These words stain the heart, seeping deep under the surface. The cluttered room represents their minds and their emotions, look how genuine aggression comes to rest so closely to objects of genuine affection and innocence, is all hope not lost? There is beauty amongst the chaos, there is good within the toxicity, there is love, so much love.
– Mark Davies.

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