When You Cage The Beast..., Wolverine - Deluxe Edition - In stock

  • Limited Edition
  • Limited Edition Print
  • 86 x 107 cms
  • £545.00 (inc VAT)

Inspired by the X – Men character Wolverine, part of the ‘Lunatics And Legends’ collection. Others featured in this collection are Superman, Harley Quinn, Captain America, Poison Ivy & Wonder Woman. Artist description below.

This price of £545 is for:
The Deluxe Large Paper Edition with only 10 pieces available worldwide, framed size 87 x 107 cm

NB: When price matching on various sites – as we all do, please note that each of Mark’s editions supplied through Gallery 21 comes complete with our own stunning framing as shown. With wider, deeper mounts and more expensive mouldings than most on offer elsewhere.

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STANDARD: Framed size 94 x 78 cm
Limited Edition £ 395 – Limited to only 10 pieces worldwide
Hand Embellished Artist Proof Edition £445 – Limited to only 2 pieces worldwide

DELUXE: Framed size 87 x 107 cm
Limited Edition £545 – Limited to only 10 pieces worldwide
Hand Embellished Artist Proof Edition £665 – Limited to only 2 pieces worldwide

ORIGINAL VARIATIONS: Framed size 76 x 96 cm
Original £ 1,495 – only 5 original variations worldwide, if available.
NB: All original works are bespoke framed by the artist and are hand enhanced to match the work.


Framed using a 7cm wide double acid free mount with a 7 m wide moulding in black with silver leaf edges, as displayed.
NB: Can also be supplied in square profile matt black frame if requested.

All one off original works are bespoke framed, then hand enhanced by the artist to individually match the piece.

Wolverine – ‘When You Cage The Beast…’
What a legend, what an absolute lunatic of a man, or beast! There is so much texture, detail and emotion within this image that is dominated by his iconic blades that reflect from the source of light that radiates downwards. How is he trapped? Physically? Mentally? This piece personifies darkness and light, despair and hope. It encourages you to look a little closer, think a little deeper and despite portraying such a commercial character it also sits beautifully with so much of the underlying narrative within my portfolio.

– Mark Davies

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