Matchstick Momentos by Barry King

Matchstick Momonto #2 - In Stock

  • Originals
  • Mixed Media
  • 58 x 42 cms
  • £185.00 (inc VAT)

Each piece is part of a Guinness Book of Records, world record breaking attempt.

Barry is creating a model of Salisbury Cathedral made entirely from matchsticks. An estimated 5-6 million of them! are required to break the current record of approx 4.75 million, which was a model of an oil rig.

Each ‘Matchstick Momento’ contains part of the original drawn scaled plans that Barry executed in order to start his marathon project.

Beautifully displayed and framed. Each piece is signed by Barry King, along with one of the actual scalpel blades used, while creating the model. The backdrop behind the original plan segment is a copy of an old elevation drawing of the Nave on Salisbury Cathedral’s West End.

NB: From every piece sold a percentage goes towards the models ongoing construction costs and a donation to the charity the ‘Stars Appeal’ Salisbury District.

The model maker is not allowed to make any profit during the entire process while trying to reach his goal and get his name firmly logged into The Guinness Book Of World Record Holders.

Gallery 21 wish him well and hope you too will become part of his journey, through a purchase of this momento.

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