Matchstick Momentos by Barry King

The 'Stars Appeal' charity

  • Prints
  • Mixed Media
  • 58 x 42 cms
  • Price on application.

To date through exhibiting his model in various locations in Salisbury Barry has managed to raise a whopping £4,500 for this charity.

He hopes you continue with your support and become part of his challenge with the purchase of a ‘Matchstick Momento’
They are great fun, a part of history and raising funds for this worthy cause all at the same time.

The Stars Appeal Salisbury District Hospital’s Charity.

Every week they help thousands of local people at Salisbury District Hospital to get better faster, return home sooner and have a more positive hospital experience.

They need your help to raise £1million this year to fund projects which offer direct, practical support to patients and their families, over and above what our NHS provides.

Barry is creating a model of Salisbury Cathedral made entirely from matchsticks, that will require an estimated 5-6 million of them!to break the current record of approx 4.75 million, which was a model of an oil rig.

From every ‘Matchstick Momento’ sold, a percentage goes towards the models ongoing construction costs and a donation to the charity ‘The Stars Appeal’

The model maker is not allowed to make any profit during the entire process while trying to reach his goal and get his name firmly logged into The Guinness Book Of World Record Holders.

Please support them. With your help they can do more for local people – you can even choose which part of the Hospital you would like your donation to benefit.

Gallery 21 wish Barry well in his attempt and hope you too will become part of his journey, through a purchase of this momento.

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