Maxim is the oldest member of the Prodigy and his real name is actually Keith “Keeti” Palmer (don’t ever call him Keith, HE HATES IT!).

He has been developing as a painter and mixed media artist for several years, gaining insight and experience from artists in the US and the UK. Maxim turned his focus to painting in 2002 when he needed some decorative art for the walls in his new home. Instead of buying paintings, he decided to create the work himself.

“I feel a sense of freedom when I paint. There are no restrictions and you can let your imagination run wild… I now see everything under one umbrella: music, art, fashion…they are all about creativity.” -Maxim

Finding painting an addictively absorbing process, Maxim used it as a means to relax between touring periods. Over time, he met with fellow artists, in the UK and New York, who further inspired his creativity. Realising that art wasn’t just about a canvas and paintbrush, he began to develop his unique style. His paintings incorporate a wide variety of media, from glue and paper to ink and even tar.

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