Creating original art in a unique 3D paint scribble style.

Zalini is a UK artist based in Bedfordshire and has been creating art in one form or another for the last 30 years. Having turned professional 8 years ago he was represented by two of the UK’s largest fine art publishers, selling his artwork exclusively through galleries across the UK.

In his continued experimentation and search for something a little different, he became interested in scribble art. Having previously created 3D artwork, the challenge was to create a scribble style in 3D. This is where his journey started and after 5 years of development he finally achieved this. With his signature use of syringes and viscous paint, each original is created in multiple layers of scirbbled paint and exhibits a highly unique texture.

About Zalini
Zalini (real name Kevin) has spent the last 9 years creating beautiful 3D butterfly works bought by many collectors in the UK and worldwide. After much soul searching he realised it was time to move on and wanted something personal to him, but also reflected the style of work he was now producing.

The name Zalini actually comes from a combination of his three children’s names, who along with his wife, have been heavily invested in his artwork journey over the last few years. This name also represents the chaotic nature of the new technique he created producing something very different to other artwork.

Creating art has always been in his blood in some form or another for over the last 25 years turning professional 9 years ago. In these times he worked with a number of different styles and techniques creating art in a variety of forms from metal art using a grinder tool which created holographic effects, to 3D nature inspired organic abstract artwork.

Having been represented by two of the UK’s largest fine art publishers, he now prefers to operate independently working closely with select art galleries across the UK.

Scribble Technique
Zalini’s scribble technique is something quite different and has taken many years to develop. The process involves painting very fine 3D lines of paint, which are applied on a flat surface using gravity to assist. These free flowing lines start off very random and come together as the piece develops over time.

With his signature use of syringes, the desire is to inject life into his art. Layer upon layer of paint creates a special depth to each piece making them totally unique pieces of art.

The actually scribbling, involves trying to interpret the light, form and shadows of the subject. Sometimes he’ll use a very loose technique, which hints at the subject matter, other times he will try to be quite exact with his strokes. It doesn’t always go right, but thats the benefit of scribbling !

With an inventive creative mind, Zalini was always looking for something unique, something a little different that people hadn’t seen before, looking to separate his work from others. Working in the art world for so long, you see a lot of similar styles and he wanted something very unique and unusual.

Over a period of 6 years he worked on a new technique that he developed during his search for something different. The requirement was to create work that had lots of texture, something you could actually see and feel was an original work of art.

On one of his artistic journeys out and about he came across a tool called a syringe dispenser. Essentially a syringe with a fine needle tip that connects to an air supply that allows the user to dispense materials like glue by hand. Mainly used in commercial manufacturing companies, he became fascinated with the effects it created and set about working out how he could use this in his artwork and the journey began.

Zalini spent so much time and most of his money experimenting with this tool and after many years he was finally be happy enough to show this to the world and offer his artwork to collectors.

Subject Matter
Whilst he has painted many portraits, his interest remains in the world of nature and this is reflected in his anthropomorphic pieces where human like qualities can be seen in his charismatic animal inspired pieces.

Zalini’s distinctive 3D scribble style adds an element of dynamism and complexity to each piece enabling him to capture the energy and vitality of emotions as they surge through the subjects’ faces and bodies. Through their eyes, postures, and subtle nuances, they communicate a myriad of other feelings that form the tapestry of human and animal existence.

Add in some bright colours on a deep black high gloss background and presented in a black woodgrain deep box frame, you have an amazing combination of effects that makes these pieces truly stand out in any environment.

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