NOW FINISHED: ‘A Sense of Place’ Exhibition by our top four internationally acclaimed cityscapes artists.



Exhibition Show Dates: Sat 22nd Feb – Sun 8th March

This show brings our top four internationally selling cityscape artists together for the very first time.
Artists Exhibiting Listed Below:
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EDWARD WAITE:  Known for his vivid 3D cityscapes, Edward has painted iconic landmarks from cities around the world including Paris, New York, and of course, London. Each work perfectly captures the bright lights and constant rush of urban life, thanks to his bold, colour-filled technique; first inspired by ketchup bottles in a New York Diner!








NIGEL COOKE: Having spent many years travelling the world as a caricature artist, Nigel then started to look to translate his unique point of view into other subjects. Looking back to all the places he visited and worked, Nigel begun painting cityscapes, which elevated his illustrative style into fine art. His unusual, dynamic and unmistakeable style creates beautifully textured scenes that have intricate, layered details.








MARC TODD:  Marc’s signature style is a vivacious use of colour and subtle application of texture. Marc has developed a range of modern techniques to apply the paint with unique instruments, such as sponges, plywood and even lego. With brushes rarely used, his stunning originals capture the fast pace of city life and the natural movement of the forest.










ABE:  During his time working as a greeting card artist, Michael was constantly developing his techniques and ideas, while working with all the major greeting card publishers. Success in this area meant that he was finally able to follow his dreams and become a full-time artist in 1990. Since then Michael has worked and exhibited in New Work and designed a full range of ceramics for Wedgwood featuring one of his teddy bear characters. Michael continues to see his fine art featured in galleries and homes in the UK and around the world.









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