August Focus Exhibition by Gareth Tristan Evans (aka The Trunk of Funk)


Gareth Tristan Evans – aka The Trunk of Funk

FOCUS EXHIBITION Saturday 6th August 2022:

We are thrilled to be adding Gareth to our stable of incredible artist this August. To mark his introduction into the gallery we shall be exhibiting his latest collection of works.

Gareth’s ‘Geisha’ series presents captivating images of composed of portraiture, decorative pattern, rich colour and texture. Drawing inspiration from childhood comics, music and a classics degree, the blend of vintage, retro and contemporary is often clear to see.

The creative process is a mix of photography, digital techniques, hand applied finishes as well as traditional pencil and brush work to achieve the finished pieces. Much of his works are presented within a 3D format.

“Each piece of artwork that leaves my studio must reach my O.C.D. quality threshold.  Every time someone digs deep to purchase an artwork I have created, it touches me. I can spend hours applying metal leaf to a piece, but I remind myself that someday, someone, will treasure this in their home and what a privileged position that puts me in”.