NOW FINISHED: Edward Waite – Meet The Artist Marking His 10th Anniversary Year – Sunday 10th 3 – 4.30 pm


A pioneering exhibition from this highly acclaimed Cityscape artist who celebrates his

10 Year Anniversary as a Professional Artist.

This exhibition also celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Gallery 21 in Salisbury.

Meet The Artist

Join with us to celebrate this milestone landmark

in Edward’s incredible artistic journey

for the private viewing of –



3 – 4.30 PM

With many full scale successful exhibitions to his name, Edward will be introducing us all his latest collection of works. Created in his usual drizzle style technique with a huge twist compared to his famed highly coloured works.

Only 10 Originals Paintings Available

One for each year as a professional artist!


This Will Be An Exhibition Like No Other!

Each piece is illuminated by LED lighting built into designer frames,
bringing into vision each ‘Invisible City’ in all its glory.


Meet The Artist & Exhibition Preview Details:  

Sunday 10th December between 3.00 – 4.30 pm, a very special preview event, always innovative and pioneering and constantly bringing in new trends to the art scene, Edward launches his boldest collection of cityscape paintings that you would have ever seen.

All happening at Gallery 21 in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

A great opportunity to meet this innovative artist and discuss the evolution of ‘The Invisible City’


With Edward’s large scale canvases this special collection will be unveiled for the very first time, exclusive to Gallery 21.

Each of the works will be created using only tones of white paint, that when caught by the light come to life. Between the heavy brushstrokes and drizzle work ‘The Invisible City’ will surely create a stir even to his regular collectors. On first glance from a distance you would think each piece is simply a large white blank canvas. However as you approach each work the detail will gradually come into play revealing a complete city view – all in white! But at night when illuminated within their designer frames its a different story completely! MUST BE VIEWED TO BE APPRECIATED.











This elite collection of works will showcase what this artist’s pioneering reputation has been built on.

‘The Invisible City’ will only add intrigue, acknowledgment and wonder to his ongoing reputation.


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