MAY 2024: ‘BEYOND BOUNDARIES….A Creative Journey’ by Colin Brown & Karen Welsh


‘BEYOND BOUNDARIES …….A Creative Journey’
Saturday 25th May



Both Plain Arts Salisbury Members
This exhibition will form part of this years prestigious;-


Exhibition Runs Until – Sunday 9th June 2024


Be sure to view the exhibition during your art trail!

Colin Brown will be joining us on the opening day and performing a live painting demonstration ….NOT TO BE MISSED! – Sat 25th May 1.30 – 4pm

Karen Welsh will also be in attendance on the opening day and has agreed to be here most days during the event.- Karen will open her exhibition – Sat 25th May 1.30 – 4pm


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Gallery 21 is now the exclusive dealer of Karen’s work, we always have a selection of new works on display.



With acrylic paint as her chosen medium and using only a limited palette, keeping the paintings fresh & bold. Making marks with large flat brushes providing the viewer with a loose feel to her work, creating that all important abstract side to her originals.

Karen has been on a journey to abstraction. Her paintings have developed from figurative through to semi abstract and total abstraction. Starting with gestural marking then layering the paint, concentrating on balancing tonal value with colour harmony, She develops the works until she has achieved the desired outcome.


Born in Reigate, Surrey January 1962.

Originally Karen worked with her father as a sign painter and commercial artist producing bespoke signs and pictorial art in the traditional way until 2011 when she moved to Wiltshire to begin her new chapter in life as a full time artist.

Wiltshire, with its open chalk hills and wide valleys covered with hardy grasslands, provided the unique landscape that inspired her to relocate. The occasional tree dotted on the horizon accentuates the clean line between the earth and the sky. The feeling of freedom and being on top of the world was her inspiration.

Artist Statement:

“Until 2019, my work was representational landscape painting with a focus on textures and colours. I intended to express the feel of the landscape, the way it forms itself from the ground, to push that contrast between the land and the sky. The colours were taken to their limits, highlighted by spots of pink and blue in response to the reflections of the sky and other objects against each other. I enhanced the textures in the foreground with impasto to create the feel of the freshly cut straw in the field under foot, for example.

​I think of my artworks, past and present, as an unfinished diary of my personal reaction to the landscape around me. Moving gradually from representation to abstraction, the shapes and colours I once painted as I saw them are now painted as I feel them.

​I mark the canvas with charcoal then layer and evolve the work by carefully placing tints and tones of colour to keep a balance. In this way, I create a sense of movement and space with elements of tranquility. I aim to remove the recognisable, to leave an instinctive feel, provoking thought and understanding of a moment, place or emotion.” – K Welsh



Colin’s unique fluid style makes him one of our most exciting, affordable and investible artists on the contemporary art scene today.

His ability and industriousness have made his name and reputation on the international graphic illustration scene, where he has produced work for Hasbro, illustrating Transformer packaging, Corgi Toys, Mattel, Barbie, Saga, Cuprinol, Kraft, Burtons Biscuits, St Ivel, Castrol Marine and The Guinness Book of Records.

Colin recently took the leap to become a full-time career artist when, after many years producing photo-realist work, Colin had an epiphany that his future lay in Impressionism and cityscapes in particular.


Colin began to teach art to classes where he found the need to create work with much more freedom than he had previously been used to. He would take the sketches and beginnings of works back to his studio and finish them in the same style as they were started. It was a revelation.

Colin realised that the feel of the work translated to his favourite subject matter, the hustle and bustle of towns and cities much better than when constrained by photo realist detail.


Colin and his wife have and continue to travel extensively as he gathers his inspiration from his many jaunts around the world.

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