NOW FINISHED: Andrei Protsouk – A True Master of His Craft.


‘Voyage of Coexistence’ – A Solo Exhibition

Sunday 19th November to 5th December

This exhibition will see the return of Andrei to Gallery 21. Along with an entire new collection of original oil paintings.

Baby Shower  –  Original by Andrei Protsouk  –  £1895  –  Framed Dimensions: 44 x 57 cm


This remarkable portfolio delves into the human condition and our coexistence with endangered animals amidst the climate crisis. gain invaluable insights into Protsouk’s creative process as he illuminates our shared responsibility for our planet and it’s inhabitants.

Don’t miss this transformative experience and your chance to connect with the work of a true master of his craft, the internationally acclaimed artist Andrei Protsouk.

Safari Drinks  –  Original by Andrei Protsouk  –  £1495  – Framed Dimensions: 57 x 29 cm


Sunflower Bunny  –  Original by Andrei Protsouk  –  £3,795  –  Framed Dimensions: 58 x 78 cm




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