Our Q & A Studio Visit With Karen Welsh


This week we visited the studio of Wiltshire’s top abstract landscape artist for a candid insight into her world, with a few fun questions.

Q & A With Karen Welsh:

1/. Q: When did you decide to become a professional artist? A: After finishing my sign-writing business in 2008 I began painting full time professionally.

2/. Q: What Inspires you to start a new painting? A: I paint most days, there are so many paintings in me, the inspiration is always there.

3/. Q: How do you stay motivated during your artistic process? A:  Once I start a painting it keeps me motivated as my method is to make the work evolve instinctively.

4/. Q: When is your favourite time of day to paint? A: Early morning, the day is young and I am always excited as to what the day may hold.

5/. Q: Can you walk us through your creative process? A; I put a new canvas on the easel and using a limited colour palette I cover the entire canvas in colour, then I look for shapes to work with. Charcoal helps me find form that enables me to progress with the work.

6/. Q: How do you handle constructive criticism of your work? A: I welcome constructive criticism but will always decide on it’s validity!

7/. Q: tell us about your favourite medium? A: Acrylics are my favourite medium used alongside charcoal. I once painted with oil paints but as I’m impatient the quicker drying paint suits me, but I will paint in oils again one day.

8/. Q: What music do you listen to while painting? A: I don’t listen to music very often. When I do it could be classical, Vivaldi or Damon Albarn & The Gorillaz. Usually I listen to other well- know artist interviews and art history documentaries, I’m always learning.

9/. Q: Who are your biggest artistic influences? A: That’s a very difficult question, there are simply so many. Abstract expression changed the way I paint from representational to abstract and modern painting.

10/. Q: What is your favourite colour to work with and why? A: I don’t think I have a favourite colour but yellow, orange and Quinacradone Magenta I do use for many accents in my work.

11/. Q: Does art help you in other areas of your life? A: I live and breath art, apart from when I’m watching television. I think about art all the time.

12/. Q: How has your style changed over time? A: My painting style has changed completely, I could never go back to the straw-bails and bluebell wood that I once painted in a more realistic, impasto style.

13/. Q: What is your favourite part of being a professional artist? A: Painting everyday, experimenting with and developing my style, being engulfed in the ever changing world of art.

14/. Q: What is your least favourite part of being a professional artist? A: I can’t think there’s anything I don’t enjoy, I love it all.

15/. Q: Do you ever have creative blocks and if so how do you overcome them? A: So far, I have never had a creative block! The way I work lends itself to pushing forward all the time. There is so much to paint.

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16/. Q: What other interests do you have? A: Nothing really, apart from my spending any spare time with my lovely family.

17/. Q: What is your most important artist tool? A: My ceramic Scraffito tool which I use to help create all my textured elements of my work.

18/. Q: What element of art you enjoy working with most? A: The interesting people I meet and hearing their interpretations of the paintings I make.

19/. Q: What are you reading at the moment? A: W.H.Hudson’s ‘A Shepherds Tail’ a book about Salisbury, the Plains and the Wylye Valley.

20/. Q: Finally how do you define success as an artist? A: When I hear the wonderful comments and obtaining great gallery exposure.