Mark Davies

Mark Davies


For every image Mark releases there are variable options; Standard, Large deluxe, Canvas Embellished & the original. Details of the variable options are contained within every listing shown.

I am a mixed media and digital artist from Cambridgeshire in the East of England. From a young age I have always loved to draw and to paint and through education I developed this, always striving to create art with meaning, with genuine substance that the audience could appreciate even if not relate to. My preferred medium being the pencil and brush I kept my distance from the i-macs that were creeping into the college set up, I didn’t see how a machine could truly translate my style and thinking onto screen.

A career as a graphic designer followed after locking myself in a room and learning what this brightly coloured plastic and glass kit could do. 15 years later I have developed my technique through sustained experience in high-end photo retouching to allow me to put that to a different use and the results are what you see in my work. I am the co-founder of a successful graphic design agency where my creativity is channelled to being best suited for business or product. For my art, there is no brief, there are no restrictions or brand guidelines, it is an opportunity to truly express myself and to stay true. My work reflects my thoughts and emotions, those influenced by life experience and those that form my character.

I enjoy creating a piece that on the first glance looks fun but then if you look again you get the underlying sentiment or concept.

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